Customer Service Representative Jobs in the Rhode Island Bioheat® and HVAC Industry

Do you have a natural flair for communication and a knack for creative problem solving? Are you a people person? Consider a career in the Bioheat® and HVAC industry as a customer service representative (CSR). CSRs interact with and handle customer responsibilities and provide support to office staff and service managers for daily internal operations. Read on to learn more about customer service representative jobs in this industry.


Learn More about Bioheat® and HVAC Customer Service Representative Careers in Rhode Island

Who Bioheat® and HVAC CSRs Are

Because Bioheat® and HVAC CSRs interact with many different people, they are patient and polite with strong listening and speaking skills. A CSR works as efficiently and effectively as possible, analyzing situations, investigating problems, and determining solutions to create and maintain positive relationships with customers and fellow employees.

What Bioheat® and HVAC CSRs Do

When you work as a Bioheat® and HVAC CSR, you are the face of the company. CSRs work directly with customers on a variety of projects, listen and respond to customers’ needs and concerns, take orders, determine charges, and oversee delivery and service billing or payments, schedule equipment service appointments, set up new accounts, research answers and solutions as needed; and just about anything else a customer needs! Additionally, CSRs work closely with service managers and are often involved in the delivery dispatch process.

Where Bioheat® and HVAC CSRs Work

CSRs work in the headquarter office of the Bioheat® and HVAC company. Depending on a company’s needs, CSRs interact with customers in person or by phone, while working alongside other office staff, service technicians, and delivery drivers.

When Bioheat® and HVAC CSRs Work

Hours vary based on the company’s business hours, however, Bioheat® and HVAC CSRs typically work an 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. schedule or similar hours.

Why You Should Consider a Career as a Bioheat® and HVAC CSR in Rhode Island

Become a Bioheat® and HVAC CSR to achieve a fulfilling career that offers the opportunity to work with people, problem solve, and grow within the company. The best part? Every day as a Bioheat® and HVAC customer service representative is always different!